SmartRoom Integrate Solutions

SmartRoom Integrate, a management solution designed specifically for M&A professionals and teams to track multi-functional M&A Integrations, synergies, milestones and deliverables all in real time. Whether your M&A objective is to capture maximum value, achieve benefits of scale, expand product segments or to redefine the business for a new direction, SmartRoom Integrate’s Post Merger Integration solution provides the essential tools to meet any integration objective successfully.

SmartRoom Integrate supports many critical business areas including:

Private Equity Firms

Portfolio companies rely on the advice of their Private Equity investor in acquiring strategic targets to accelerate growth. Private Equity firms seeking to grow their portfolio companies through highly leveraged and quickly assimilated acquisitions use SmartRoom Integrate to assist their portfolio companies.

M&A Advisers

As an M&A Adviser, you organize thousands of data points that are critical to any acquisition and must be able to present that information in a concise and uniform manner. SmartRoom Integrate serves as a platform for M&A advisory professionals to assist their clients in making the best acquisition decisions possible.

Corporate Buyers

Corporate Buyers require expert level tools to evaluate alternative opportunities for potential synergies, risks, financial performance, market potential, and possible SOX compliance issues. SmartRoom Integrate provides an excellent evaluation platform for effectively managing the M&A Deal and Corporate Integration process.